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If the type of work you do is on a large scale, an assembly table is something that will get a lot of use.
I came up with a long list of things I wanted mine to do, and built this from BB ply.
The top is sacrificial mdf, as I also use this table to cut with a plunge saw, it’s mobile, on eight casters, is full of storage, three huge drawers along the front house everything from router bits, squares and rules etc and paperwork, the bays beneath accommodate mitre saw, tool boxes etc, and the centre bay has a tray on drawer runners to keep things like saws and routers at hand whilst working on a project.
The top being supported by lengths of 2 × 4 had plenty of space for things like templates, clamping cauls (and there’s some mdf H beams in there to for projects that had to be clamped both sides at once such as veneering – very useful). As you can see, it has also been used to get the flow right on my spray gun, (it sands off) and the pièce de résistance, storage for a dozen or so gallon drums of finish.

Doing the best I can with what I've got


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Shin ...

Nice! You have any construction photos?

Madts ...

Nice to see you post again Rennners. Is all well?
Good job on the table.


Bentlyj ...

Right up my alley!
Love something I can drive a screw into and not worry about it.
Glad to see you checking in every once in a while.

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

Makes the job easier if every thing is at your finger tips. nice layout

Jeff Vandenberg ...

Very cool. Two more weeks and back on my workbench. Been a long time

Thorreain ...

Beautiful job. It’s a bit low for my purposes but everyone works better at their own height. Great storage as well.

Jay ...

Great job, I like big layout work tables.
Good planing

a1jim ...

These work great I have one I’ve been using for years.thanks for sharing the idea.

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Assembly station...