The remaking of my table for my slab table

I’ve finally gotten back to remaking of the table for my slab maple top. I’ve been really busy at work. I also install graphics kits on the side, and that has kept me busy as well.. Anyways back to what I love, woodworking! I wanted to keep the
Shelf as rustic as the top so I resawed a
Piece of oak firewood, and am using that as the shelf. Still in the works, but have made some progress tonight!
Happy Wood Chips!

Woods: oak pallets maple walnut

Tools: band saw router table saw

Tags: resaw side table table saw

Steve Tow


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Steve Tow ...

Thanks Bruce, your input means a lot!

Thorreain ...

Going slow takes more patience than I seem to have at times, but you are doing great! Fantastic piece, you are getting there.

a1jim ...

That looks like a lot of work Steve all of those bow ties take time to do it right.

Steve Tow ...

Thanks guys!

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The remaking of my table for my slab table