Signs From Pallet Wood

Editor's Choice - May 18, 2015

This is actually my daughter’s creation.
She called one evening saying that she had spotted some small pallets in the alley 2 blocks from my shop.
I picked them up & then spotted this 5×5 monster. They were all water soaked from the rain.
We started taking them apart.
The small ones are pine but the big one is hardwood. I ran one piece through the planer, rubbed some rung oil on & it looks like maple.
I put it away for a future project.

My daughter is very creative & pretty handy in the shop .
When she lived at home she had her own work bench in the shop.

She cut the planks to length , ripped the staves, glued & nailed them together.
Used a 3 step paint process, created & applied the lettering , then applied a clear coat.
This was for their 10th anniversary

Woods: pallet wood

Tools: table saw miter saw air nailer

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Jay ...

Here are a few more pics from her anniversary party.

Steve Tow ...

That’s really cool Jay!
I really like reclaiming lumber! I am rather new to this site, but I have several projects I’m working on now and have posted a few.
The wild, beautiful looking grain pattern. especially on the lower far right leads me to believe this may be London Plane. I had to figure out some myself, so I went to the wood data base to find it.
I’ll post a picture on my creations.
Congrats on 10 years

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

it’s nice when your kids get involved . A memory made .

Brian ...

Very nice. Great job.

jim webster ...


Jay ...

Thanks to all for your kind words.
Thank you Steve for the research on identifying the hardwood from the pallet & posting a pic on your page.
I like being a member of this group because we can learn from others first hand experiences from around the world.

Jeff Vandenberg ...

Very cool. Nicly done jay!

Shin ...

Great work Jay! Right in line with some that I’m doing. May I ask how you did your lettering?

Jay ...

Shin, this is my daughter’s project. She built the signs in my shop, then took them home to paint & letter them.
I think the printer is called a cricket & is around $200.
I have not seen it in action, but it seems to work well.
She said the adhesive doesn’t stick well to all surfaces, she had to re glue some.
Overall it works great.
I will get more info from her.

Shin ...

Thanks Jay! Tell her that she does awesome work.

Jay ...

Shin, that printer is called Cricut, you can find them at Hobby Lobby or similar stores, also on Amazon & eBay

Thorreain ...

She really has some great skills, I bet you had a hand in training her, but she has the creativity to go along. Fantastic work.

Jay ...

Thanks Thorreain, come to think of it, all my kids have been exposed to a lot, growing up they have helped with demolition, framing, drywall, painting, electrical, roofing, & woodworking.

Now that they are grown I have the privilege of helping them with their projects.

a1jim ...

Those are all great signs nice work.

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Signs From Pallet Wood