New Pallet

Well I made a new pallet today. A pallet coaster. Lol just needed to have fun for a half hour. Measures 4" × 4 " shot it with to coats of laquare.

Woods: pine

Tools: table saw pinner glue laquer

Tags: pallet wood pallet woodworking arts & crafts art

Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"


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jim webster ...

you done good jeff

Steve Tow ...

I love, it was on my I gotta make those list!

jim webster ...

what size strips you use good idea if you don’t carte I make some out of your pattern to for us

Jeff Vandenberg ...

The total height is 5/8" 4" × 4" square.

Wolf (& Rabbit!) ...

Gotta make three or five more now. Otherwise your guests will feel let down with their cork based shadow coasters. Steve Ramsey did a vid of making these type coasters if anyone wants to try, I’d recommend it

Jeff Vandenberg ...

I usually don’t get guests. We only have two chairs. Visitors usually sit on the floor. Kids always hang out in their bedrooms. Lol just kidding I’ll check out his video.

a1jim ...

That’s a unique idea.

Jeff Vandenberg ...

Thanks. I just love it. I put my morning coffee on it. And in the evening my mason jar of water. Its very stable and solid. I am going to be making more of these. Wife wants one now. Darn it. Lol

Thorreain ...

Very nice distraction, useful too.

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New Pallet