Fishing Pole Storage Cart

My son needed a place to store his many fishing poles so, I came up with this cart. Holds 16 poles without the reels and maybe 8 to 10 with reels. The drawers are large enough to hold all sorts of tackle and being on wheels is mobile enough to go just about anywhere.

Woods: reclaimed pallet wood

Tools: shopsmith mark v delta portable planer dewalt hand drill



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Jeff Vandenberg ...

James, Excellent job. Love it. My son had been bugging me for one. Now I think for his 18th birthday ill make one for him. You did very good.

James L Wilcox ...

Thank you, lots of fun.

Thorreain ...

Great idea, and excellent work. I’m gonna make one in the fall once all the gear comes off the pick up. Thanks for sharing.

Rickswoodworks ...

I like that plenty of room for the all the poles Great Job

lightweightladylefty ...


That turned out to be a nice looking piece of furniture! Those fishing poles should be proud of their new home.


James L Wilcox ...

Thank you, it was fun to build. My son has all his gear on it and wheels it where ever he needs it.

jim webster ...

that looks great

3fingerpat ...

Very nice, definitely going to copy this one, thanks for sharing it with us.

Steve Tow ...

Really nice job, James. How could he not
Love that!

a1jim ...

Your son had to love it,excellent work.

James L Wilcox ...

Thank you very much.

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Fishing Pole Storage Cart