8ft tall bookshelf

I tried to talk the customer out of this being 8ft tall but he said he had 10ft tall ceilings and needed all of the shelf space he could get on the wall this was going on.

Woods: walnut plywood

Tools: power tools

Tags: bookcase bookshelf

woodworking classes, custom furniture maker


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TonyCan ...

Thats pretty small! ha ha, looks good.

Thorreain ...

Nice, similar to one that build years ago, well done.

a1jim ...

Wow Tony you must think really big LOL
Thanks Thorreain
I’d rather build two 2′×8′ units,their a lot easier to move around.

BarbS ...

I hope they load the bottom with an encyclopedia set!

a1jim ...

Barb do you think that any folks have saved their encyclopedia sets with the net being what it is? Youngsters may not even know what it is LOL

Jeff Vandenberg ...

Yep very tall but its awesome looking

a1jim ...

It was pretty tough moving it around the shop by myself,Thanks again Jeff.

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8ft tall bookshelf