Blanket chest

This blanket chest was made for a customer to their design and specifications .I don’t care for gloss finishes, oak and some other design elements they wanted ,but the customer loved it,and as the saying goes"the customers always right"

Woods: red oak

Tags: blanket chest

woodworking classes, custom furniture maker


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Thorreain ...

Cool, nicely done.

Jeff Vandenberg ...

Nice chest. To dark for me. But i know it was commissioned

a1jim ...

Too dark for me too Jeff,If I had my choice I would have used cherry or walnut with a cleaner design.

Sheri ...

I’ve been wanting to make a chest for my kids. Hopefully soon. I like the size of it. Nicely done!

a1jim ...

Thanks Sheri
This was not exactly the finish and design I would select but it’s what the customer wanted and was happy with.

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Blanket chest