Planter boxes

Mom wanted a couple of planter boxes for the deck. Second picture has the frame on the top to finish it off. Mitre joints need some work yet…

Woods: cedar

Tools: table saw circular saw screw gun

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Thorreain ...

Just beautiful!

jim webster ...

real nice

Steve Tow ...

Really Nice! Looks as if you’ve done this
Before! Lol, great job!!!

a1jim ...

Nice work I particularly like the use of color variation in the wood.

Jeff Vandenberg ...

Beautiful. Im not showing my wife. If i do then im stuck building something that I don’t have time for. Lol lol

Vettekidd97 ...

Nice job!!

Brian ...

They look great. Don’t worry about the mitres. Even perfect ones would pull open after they’re left outside. It’s a planter, after all.

I made a few this weekend. My goal was to make then last as long as possible. I see you left done space between the bottom slats. That will help immensely.

I made mine as simple as possible with that longevity goal in mind. I rabbeted every single joint so only a few screws were necessary to hold out together. Of course, I went way overboard with the number of screws, but that’s the easy I do everything – overbuild.

I also like the points on the legs. Not only does it look good, but it’s less surface area to retain water and rot. Nice work.

MaggiesDad ...

Thanks guys, appreciate the comments.

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

great job and making Mom happy is a real bonus

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Planter boxes