The making of 11 small hand planes.

The making of 11 small hand planes.
ohhh yes and smile while you build

This is a little tour de small plane, a mess… Now it’s said, I usually try making my blogs in a fair order and to make it easy to understand, this one jumps from one plane to the other, one process to the other and even the pictures are so different of quality, that this must be the big mess Mads blog…

There is a three parts blog on LJ:

Perhaps this can inspire others to make planes in all sizes, it is time well spend.

Best thoughts,


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MaFe vintage architect and fanatical rhykenologist.


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Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

fantastic job , really nice collection

jim webster ...

you do good work

a1jim ...

You’re a master of tool making Mads.

Thorreain ...

Man I want all of them. I guess it’s time I tried making some of my own. You are a master, I want to make these. Thanks for sharing, it’s inspired me.

MaFe ...

Thank you for your Words, big smile here.
Make some, it’s a joyful way of training patience and detail and yes making shaves with planes our own hands made, that is really a great joy, no born tool can compete with that.
Best thoughts,

Steve Tow ...

Really cool!
From an American Dane!

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The making of 11 small hand planes.