Laptop Cooling Stand

This maple and white oak laptop cooling stand has built in dual USB powered cooling fans to add additional cooling power to laptop or notebook computer. Light weight – but extremely sturdy.
No external power needed, just plug the silent running fans into a single USB port on the laptop and they will keep it cool. Made it to be used on a desk or on a lap.

Clear coat finish. The white oak slats are from reclaimed barn wood and are showing the ray flecks commonly found with quarter-sawn oak. Very beautiful grain patterns.

Dimensions: 15" W x 10" D x 3 1/2" T (at the back, front is 1 1/2")

Will fit a up to 15" notebook as pictured in the last photo.

I’ve also done one in reclaimed wood with no fans and an oil and wax finish.

Woods: white oak maple

Tags: reclaimed wood laptop notebook computer cooling fan


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a1jim ...

This sure beats those ugly plastic jobs,cool idea Michael

James L Wilcox ...

I find most of the best projects are designed and built out of a direct need. Very nice Michael Ray.

Jeff Vandenberg ...

Very cool idea. Nicly done!

Thorreain ...

Well done. These are an absolute necessity. Too many people have been burnt from batteries catching fire. It’s great that you used some reclaimed wood too. I made one for my daughter a few years back, oak as well, but just plain slats. Yours took a lot more thought, well done.

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Laptop Cooling Stand