Barnwood Countertops

Editor's Choice - Jun 01, 2015

I made these countertops almost a year ago and part of a kitchen remodel. This started out as a simple fix of one small section around the sink and ended up with all new appliances, sink and a rearranged kitchen.
These were about 2 inch thick and really rough. I had a lot of time in getting them all sized to the same thickness. There was a lot of time in gluing and hand sanding.

I have more photos posted on my facebook page.

Woods: reclaimed barn wood

Tools: numerous

Tags: kitchen barnwood countertops

Greg Holden


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jim webster ...

real good

Thorreain ...

Very beautiful. Great job reusing, we all win.

Steve Tow ...

Wow! Sweet! I love barn wood great job!

Manitario ...

Nice looking counter. I love the look of barnwood. What did you finish it with?

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

You sure did a good job

Boone's Woodshed ...

I used a Minwax Helmsman spar urethane although now I think that I would use products from Waterlox. They have a sealer finish that I would use for 3 or four coats then a satin finish for a couple of more.
I have used the Waterlox on several projects since the countertop and really like it.

a1jim ...

Looking good,that rustic feel seems to be a winner now days.

rentaman ...

I do a lot of wood counter top work usually with pine. The bar wood is absolutely beautiful .

Michael Ray ...

Looks fantastic and like a LOT of hard work. Turned out beautiful. Something I’ve thought of doing down the road but I can imagine its pretty time consuming.

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Barnwood Countertops