Rainy day project

With all the rain we are having here in Texas I have been off work too much. I spend all my rainy days in the shop trying to make up for the work I am missing.
This project was made from yellow pine that I got out of the scrap pile at a local cabinet shop.

Tools: table saw planer sander router

Tags: coffee table gun case


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Kevin ...

What part of Texas you from? I live in Pasadena TX.

TonyCan ...

Im just north of FTW.

About the table, does that have a magnetic lock?

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

like the hidden drawer and what’s in it

jim webster ...

good job

santabill ...

I live down around San Antonio. The drawer has a magnetic lock on it and foam in the bottom

JMac ...

I dig it!! you’ve inspired me to go ahead and make some hide a drawers myself.

a1jim ...

Just came back from Texas,great idea for a gun case nice work.

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Rainy day project