Coat Rack with a secret

My wife forwarded an add for a company called NJ Conceal that showed a coat rack that was also a hideaway for a small firearm, or your personal effects. Her brother has been wanting one, so I made one for him based on the one in the add. Made this from Ash, with Oak shaker pegs. I don’t own a lathe, and am not skilled enough with a drill press to turn these myself, so they were purchased off Amazon. There is a magnetic lock that keeps your valuables safe and hidden, unless you know where the key is. It was pretty fun to make. I plan on making a few more for co-workers. I think next time I’ll make them a bit longer, and make the back board a little narrower. Also, I won’t screw up the hinge cup placement on the next one! LOL.

Thanks for looking, and have a good one!

Woods: ash

Tools: table saw ros router block plane drill press drill

Tags: coat rack concealed secret magnetic lock


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Boone's Woodshed ...

Very nice. Great idea!

a1jim ...

Unique design David,well done.

jim webster ...

I like

Jeff Vandenberg ...

David here is how fast this picture is all over the Internet. My cousin saw this picture and asked me to replicate it and wanted to know how much. I sent a message back and said lol I could but its my buddies design ill ask him for an estimate and if its good for you then you can have him build it.
So david give me an estimate exactly what you did in the picture send me a private message with it ill give it to my cousin and if its good to go ill send over her info and you guys can work together on it.
im not into taking your design and reproducing it. Plus its a job for you. Im too booked up.thanks

David E. ...

Hey Jeff! I’m surprised at how fast things travel. Credit for the design, however, goes to a company called NJ Conceal. They make several variations, as well as a bunch of other products designed for firearm concealment. Mine was based on their design. I’m making some for friends and family, but not selling for profit.

Steve Tow ...

Really sweet David!

lanwater ...

Nice design.

It took me few minutes o realize that the top part flip up, I think?

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

I like it . easy access to what ever is hidden inside. I’m going to visit NJ Conceal web sight.

Sheri ...

Great job!

Thorreain ...

I love hidden access pieces. Having just finished a bunch over the winter I know the satisfaction people have when getting the finished piece. Most pieces people will say that’s nice or that’s great, but, when you give a person a piece with a hidden compartment they seem to light up and really go over ever inch. They seem to appreciate your skills a lot more. Great job by the way!

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