Privacy Wall/Planter

Editor's Choice - Jun 05, 2015

Well this isn’t in my backyard per se – we spend every weekend at the campground, so it’s my backyard away from my backyard.

Woods: pressure treated wood bamboo dowel

Tools: circular saw table saw screw gun

Tags: planter privacy wall fence



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Sheri ...

Great job!! I can see why more people would request one.

MaggiesDad ...

Thanks Sheri!

Steve Tow ...

I agree Sheri! Its seriously cool and inventive!
You know, you could easily sell this in sections. Premade, and set your price!
Then if people wanted them you could actually MAKE money on them…….
They are that kind of nice and novel!
Happy Woodchips!

Jeff Vandenberg ...

Thats what I say make money and drinks on top of it. Nicly done!

lightweightladylefty ...


The wall looks really great and is such a good idea!


lanwater ...

I am of the same opinion as everyone else.
It’s a great idea.

The wall is really nice.

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

really nice work , running the boards at different angles adds a nice touch

MaggiesDad ...

Thanks everyone, truly appreciate comments from such a talented bunch of people.

Thorreain ...

Very nice. I’m not much into plants tho, they attract insects which I try to avoid at the campground, (allergic) so I would use other things to decorate it. But you really have created a fantastic piece, great design and skills. Thanks for posting.

Madts ...

Great concept, but how to transport?


MaggiesDad ...

Hi Madts – we are seasonal at the campground, so it was built on site and won’t be moved anytime soon. The posts are in the ground only a foot – making it easier to get out should we decide to move sites. The 2 panels are attached to the 4×4′s and should come out with little problem. Thanks for looking!

Madts ...

Well that makes sense.


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Privacy Wall/Planter