Keepsake Box

Hi All!
This is a Keepsake Box I just finished for
my Wife.
I wanted to keep it a simple project with
basic joinery and beautiful wood.
about half way through, my wife decided
she wanted the box to be a cherry color,
which I had not anticipated, as it is yellow birch, with a strip of cherry down the middle and a homemade cherry base
molding. So I really over stained the top
and designed the top around the hickory burl heart.
I used tung oil as the finish and went through 4 coatings of Tung oil, sanding my way up to 800 grit between coats.
My final coat was Jeff Vanderburgs Tung Oil and Beeswax polish, and wow, did it pop! Thanks Jeff!
Thanks to all the folks in this site, I learn
something every day, and that’s really cool!!

Woods: yellow birch cherry wood hickory

Tools: router table table saw chisels

Tags: keepsake box birch

Steve Tow


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Madts ...

That is one fine box. You could have fooled me regards to the Cherry.
Cool box. I like it a lot.


grizzman ...

a really nice box, i like how the stained part turned out, i usually never stain any wood, but you did good on this..

Jay ...

Great job Steve !!
Beautiful wood grain & finish.

James L Wilcox ...

Wow, very simple but, dramatic at the same time. Very nicely done.

lanwater ...

You made a great box Steve.

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

Very beautiful grain and an excellent finish . nice work

Steve Tow ...

Thanks Guys! It was a fun little build!

a1jim ...

Wow this is a real eye popper ,great job.

Jeff Vandenberg ...

Yeah did it pop. Looks awesome. Thanks for using my product. That color is great. Beautiful shine.

Steve Tow ...

Thanks Jeff!
Hey everyone, I know Jeff has stated it on his product video, but I can truly attest to
the real value in his tung oil, I have done
several woodworing pieces, and I just cannot tell you how totally pleased with
his Tung Oil and beeswax Finishing paste.
It IS great, and it goes a very long way.
Thanks Jeff! Great job! !!!!

Thorreain ...

Such a sweet little box. This would be gladly be recieved by anyone on Valentine’s. My wifey just loves it! I guess I know what will be made in the shop in January. Great work Steve you have great skills in many different areas. Well done.

Steve Tow ...

Thanks T!
Much appreciated!

Glaros Studios ...

Very nice!

Steve Tow ...


Harvey Daniels ...

What a great looking box

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Keepsake Box