Lemonade stand

Editor's Choice - Jun 15, 2015

Its been a while since i have posted any new builds, i’ve been busy, but here we go. I had some one ask me for a lemonade stand for photo shoots, she showed me a pic of what she wanted and so i got to it. She told me how tall and as wide as possible, but still be able to fit in the back of her SUV. I started out with a 2×4 frame.

I then started fitting cedar planks to make the outside edge frames. Took a lot of sanding to get them smooth.

Once the outside frames were done i started laying the board on board pattern for the inside.

Once everything was cut, and fit, i started to stain them, the outside trim was stained with a Kona finish, and the inside was going to be a weathered grey, but i was not happy with the grey. I searched the stains and found a summer oak, i was very please with that color and the contrast with the Kona.

Once everything was stained i started assembly. I used staples on everything, and glue.

The top bar was awfully high, but that is what she wanted, so that is what i did, but as an added bonus, i made the top removable and adjustable. I drilled 3 holes on each side bar and put in a removable dowel to adjust in 5" increments, just incase there are shorter kids.

Over all i was extremely happy with the outcome, and if any one know a while back i threw together a pallet lemonade stand for my daughter, well after seeing this i trashed that! I will be making another for my daughter, but shorter of course.

this is the picture she showed me.

Woods: 2x4 stock western cedar

Tools: everything


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Steve Tow ...

Real nice build, well thought out!
Great job

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

excellent job , well built

a1jim ...

That’s a real fun idea ,good job.

Jeff Vandenberg ...

That’s so cool. Very nice.

Manitario ...

wow, this is probably the nicest lemonade stand any kids have ever had!

Mike40 ...

Nice design and well built.

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Lemonade stand