Toy bin V2.0

I had made a toy bin for my girls a while back, and my sister asked me to make her one, i had recently gone to her house and my wife said the boys toys are bigger and they will need more space, so i redesigned it, it was a mush less complicated build then my daughters toy bin. I started by making the base a big bin, its about 2ft wide, 1ft tall and 1’-6 deep at the furthest point. Plenty big for their big toys. I used 3/4 plywood, and screwed it all together.

I then put the top part to hold the plastic bins, also made with 3/4 plywood and pine rods. It was really pretty simple, yet practical design.

Once i got hers done, i went to the store to fin the bins, and they were SOLD OUT!! I got lucky and found a couple after traveling to about 5 other stores, but still did not have enough, as i frantically searched, some one ordered 2 more. I had to improvise, this post is now a little confusing, the design change was still simple, but instead of 3 rows of 2 bins, i made 2 rows of 3 bins, because i had to go with a different bin. The end product, every one was happy, my sister got the white one, and the other lady got the 2 black ones. Lesson of the day, if you have to buy something to use on your project, make sure you can find the product before to build it!

The black one has a distressed finish, the white one is just white.


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Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

Nice idea , looks good

a1jim ...

Very cool design,really good idea,nicely done.

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Toy bin V2.0