Entryway Table - Reclaimed Barn Wood

Editor's Choice - Jun 19, 2015

Reclaimed barn wood entryway table. 16 W x 48 L x 30 H. Hidden drawer under the table top secured with an old window latch. The corners on the legs were made using miters with splines running the entire length of the legs then glued up. Commission piece that was finished this week.

Woods: reclaimed barn wood pine

Tags: entry table table pine barn wood table barn wood reclaimed wood reclaimed lumber hidden drawer secret drawer secret compartment miter spline miter spline


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Thorreain ...

Very beautiful. Well done, you certainly have some great skills. Beautiful piece! Anytime you reuse recycle or repurpose we all win.

Jeff Vandenberg ...

Very beautiful creation. Love the hidden drawer. Very well done sir!

kiefer ...

Nice table with instant old time look and character .

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

the barn wood really looks good , nice idea installing the hidden drawer

James L Wilcox ...

Great idea, great creativity. Beautiful job.

David E. ...

Love it. Great job!

a1jim ...

Great design and wool,extra cool.

Boone's Woodshed ...

My daughter saw this! Guess what I am making.
It is a great looking table.
Great job.

Michael Ray ...

Thanks for the comments everyone. Boone’s Woodshed – that’s awesome. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

I made the table for my niece who is giving it to a friend for her wedding later this summer. She knew the basic size and style she wanted and left the rest to me.

I held off on it a bit on this one as I thought about how I wanted to execute it and actually had a couple of small ‘false-starts’ with wood selection and how I wanted the legs. The initial design and materials I had picked out just didn’t feel right and I couldn’t force myself through the project unless I knew I was going to be satisfied with the end result. So I stepped back and thought about it and this design pretty much hit me all at once and from then on I had a clear plan (in my head of course) of how I wanted to build it. After that bit of ‘eureka!’ moment everything just fell into place and flowed smoothly. The hidden drawer was a last minute inspiration. :)

Thorreain ...

I didn’t realize the drawer was concealed at first, I love it even more now!

Boone's Woodshed ...

Michael I am just about finished with the entry table for our daughter. It is a nice quick project.
I used some reclaimed wood from a century old tobacco shed that was taken down for a road project.
Thanks for the idea.

Michael Ray ...

Love it Boone’s. Can’t beat the character of century old wood.

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Entryway Table - Reclaimed Barn Wood