Mobile planter

Editor's Choice - Jun 25, 2015

The wife’s plants thrived over the winter, she has been busy repotting, pruning & all that green stuff.
Decided to make this mobile planter that she
could use to work from , hang & display some of her plants.

The 2 shelves are the bases from the air handlers that I used to make shelves for storing hardwood.
The corners are salvaged from an old garage door.
The plant shelves are made from pallet wood. I stained all the wood reddish brown, sprayed with gray paint, then wiped,
Used 1" sq. tubing on top for the hanging baskets. Sprayed all of the metal hammered bronze.
I have 4 – 2′×2′ plastic light covers that will make excellent drip pans for the plants.
The large casters make it easy to roll outside.

Woods: pallet wood

Tools: table saw miter saw metal chop saw



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Jay ...

Here are a few more pics of the construction .

a1jim ...

Now that’s creative thinking.

Vettekidd97 ...


Jay ...

Thanks, just trying to make a few points with the wife

Steve Tow ...

That’s an awesome project of making due with what you have!
Great project Jay!

Jay ...

Thanks Steve, I like repurposing

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Mobile planter