spoons and ladles

Editor's Choice - Jun 26, 2015

Working up some christmas gifts. Bamboo plywood for ladles from Rockler, maple for spatulas.

Woods: bamboo maple

Tools: band saw belt and disc sander flexshaft carver

Mark Michaels


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Thorreain ...

I like them. Very nice

Jeff Vandenberg ...

Very well done! Love them

MaggiesDad ...

Those are great!

a1jim ...

These are great and even the photo looks like a work of art.

Steve Tow ...

Nice gifts! Beautiful!

lanwater ...

Prety nice.
Beats the one my wife bought.

Mike40 ...

These looks great. I like the look of the bamboo. I but bamboo dowels from our nursery and I cut them into woodworking dowels. They are very strong which allows me to use smaller diameters.

Mark Michaels ...

Yeah, the other cool thing about bamboo is that it doesn’t get stained by tomato sauces.

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spoons and ladles