Cutting board #2

This is the second cutting board. This one measures, 18-1/4" in length, 9-1/4" in width and just over an inch thick. One of my Facebook friends showed me a picture of a board someone else had made and asked if I could do that. Well, I guess I can. She wanted it thick. The first one is only 7/16" thick, this one measures just over an inch. Hopefully, she likes this one better. I guess we’ll see. And yes, it’s from a clean pallet. Maple.

Tools: table saw biscuit cutter biscut joiner shopsmith mark v delta planer hand sander

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kiefer ...

Nice cutting board and the size should be perfect just hope she doesn’t mind the knot .


Thorreain ...

Beautiful, I like this thick one even more!

James L Wilcox ...

Thank you and so did she. She purchased it.

a1jim ...

I like this design ,nice work.

Steve Tow ...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Vettekidd97 ...


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Cutting board #2