Our garden arbor which is at the rear entrance to our garden .
This is made from pine and I designed the top with openings in the beams that connect the front and back (pic 5 )so I can let the branches of the Virginia Creeper grow through there and avoid having them blow off in the strong winds that we get at times .
The posts are segmented and turned on a router lathe that I made just for this project .

Turned out great and the round posts just added that special touch that I was looking for .

This pictures where taken last fall with the planters added on the sides .


Woods: pine

Tools: table saw router lathe band saw

Tags: garden arbor arbor trellis


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Steve Tow ...

WOW, that is really beautiful. great work!

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

Excellent job , very impressive

Mike40 ...

Wonderful arbor Klaus. I love all of your designs.

Dorald ...

Fantastic! Just what my wife ordered for our yard.

Rolando Pupo ...

GREAT work.. Wow … It really looks perfect for your yard. Thanks for sharing.

Thorreain ...

Beautiful design and overall a wonderful project.

lightweightladylefty ...


That looks fabulous! And it also looks like a lot of work went into it. You must have a high tower to get that last photo. Nice work.


Shin ...

That is awesome! Your columns rock. Sure like the way you glued them up and shaped them. Way to go!

kiefer ...

Thanks for the kind comment and I always appreciate and enjoy them !
Yes this was a enjoyable project and it gets better looking every year as the vines grow and is a great place for the birds .
The last picture is taken from our deck about nine feet up .


Laurence A. Clement ...

That really is terrific work and a very nice jig you made to make a square peg fit in a round hole.

Wood-Chuck (Bruce) ...

Beautiful arbor, my wife just asked for one this afternoon. I really like the design. I guess I better get busy :)

a1jim ...

Very good build and super design.

Manitario ...

Great project and router lathe. I enjoy seeing the Canadian Tire tools in your pictures.

Dorald ...

Fantastic build Klaus. Any chance you might have plans for this???

kiefer ...

Sorry Dorald
No plans for this just made it but if you have questions let me know and I be glad to help.


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