Sweetheart Box

I found this box from a book called “Making Great Boxes” This is my third one so far. I’m working on modifying the design. After the second box I decided to use a router to make the inside trays which worked out better than the bandsaw that was described in the book. With each box, I cut down the process time. The only metal used for the box was a friction cap. A dowel is used for the spindle for the trays to turn.

Woods: oak pine for dowel

Tools: table saw bandsaw router drill press glue felt friction cap sander cork linseed oil & mineral spirit 1/2 & 1/2 rubbed on polyurethane

Tags: wooden box heart box box trays box

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Shin ...

That is cool! I like that you went with the router, which is my favorite tool. :-)

jim webster ...

good job

Thorreain ...

Very well done, nice job on the box.

a1jim ...

Very cool turnings.

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Sweetheart Box