Fox marquetry to order by Andulino

Editor's Choice - Jul 15, 2015

16 workhours
Size: 48×40 cm
Veneers: Oak

Surface treatment: Oil

If you want to a unique marquetry just send me a letter and we talk about it! :)
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Woods: oak chestnut mahogany veneer cherry maple veneer rosewood

Tools: inlay knife glue wood veneers my own hands oil

Tags: fox animal handmade woodworking inlay marquetry original picture home decor gifts gift


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Mike40 ...

Great looking marquetry!

Shin ...

WOW!!!!!!! That is something! Wish I had the patience for that kind of work. We have two pieces, one that was given as a gift, and one I bought for my wife. I’m really impressed by the precision. Yours is the most impressive I’ve seen.

jim webster ...

great job

a1jim ...

Outstanding workmanship,beautiful and full of character .

Thorreain ...

Very beautifully done.

lightweightladylefty ...



lanwater ...

Amazing work Andulino!
Great work on the eyes.

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

that is really beautiful , nice job

shipwright ...

Well done.
On animals, I find that if you get the eyes right, the rest is easy.
You did the eyes perfectly.

Andulino ...

Thanks a lot the many kind words for everyone! :)
Shin I really had to a lot of patience, but I finally finished! :)
Shipwright yes, the eyes is always hard to do (on animals or person) I think it was a little dark, but than more so mysterious :P
Thanks again! :)

Steve Tow ...

Beautiful! !!

CharleeAnn ...

This is amazing! I love it!

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Fox marquetry to order by Andulino