Campaign Style Tabletop Tray

Editor's Choice - Jul 17, 2015

1/2" solid Poplar Campaign style tabletop tray. Styled after a butler’s serving tray. Finished in washable satin enamel paint. Brass campaign hardware. 3" H x 7" W x 13 1/2" L.

This gave me an chance to use my new mini router plane to clean up the recesses for the corner straps. Worked really well.

Another commission piece from Etsy. Built to sit on top of a bedside table. Not a fan of painting wood – but it had to be done per the customer specs. I was allowed to choose the wood so I used Poplar. I even offered to do it in cherry since I already had some available – and not even charge for the wood so I wouldn’t have to paint it – but the customer still wanted paint.

Woods: poplar

Tools: router plane

Tags: campaign brass handles brass corners poplar tray serving tray


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Very nice. Service with style.

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Campaign Style Tabletop Tray