Pallet Wood Wine Rack

Had some pallets hanging around the shop, so I figured I’d put them to use

Woods: pallet wood

Tools: hand tools

Tags: pallet wood wine rack


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lightweightladylefty ...


That’s a very attractive use of the pallets!


Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

Nice wine rack , nice job on the pattern

David E. ...

Looks great! Nice one!

MaggiesDad ...

Nice job, the possibilities with pallets are endless.

a1jim ...

Cool design Ben and super build.

James L Wilcox ...

That is a very unique and very useful project. You did a fabulous job on this. Gotta love the possibilities with pallets.

allen newman ...

thats look good plus a way to use pallet wood

Thorreain ...

Great job. Anytime you recycle, reuse, or repurpose, everyone wins. Great piece, well done all around.

Ben Buxton ...

Thank you guys for the kind words. Always appreciate the opinions of everyone on this site.

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Pallet Wood Wine Rack