Led table lamp

Editor's Choice - Jul 20, 2015

This started out as an experiment, and kind of designed itself.

The next iteration I’ll use two strips of led lights, and rewire the electrical connection to have the wire come out the bottom of the lamp.

The idea lends itself to all sorts of creative ideas.

Woods: african mahogany

Tools: table saw router table

Tags: lamp lamps led



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James L Wilcox ...

Love the idea and your comment of the next will have even a better outcome. Good job and the love the uniqueness.

a1jim ...

Very unique ,a solid contemporary design,well done.

Brian ...

I love table lamps. I’ve experimented with different designs. Some came out nice, others not so much. This is a great starting point. You mentioned the obvious things already, but may I suggest making the “shade” an arc instead of at angles? I may give this design a try. It’s really unique.

Steve Tow ...


Thorreain ...

Very kewl. Modernistic, elegant, and beautiful.

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Led table lamp