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Editor's Choice - Jul 21, 2015

Saw this picture on the web and could not resist and just had to make one as a CNC project. Made out of pine, it’s machined in 3 pieces with different stains.
It’s going to look great on my patio!

Woods: pine

Tools: cnc router

Tags: woodworking carving cnc router patio home decor


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Jack ...

Beautiful work Susanne.

Shin ...

Way cool!

Suzanne, what CNC router are you using?

CNC Craze ...

I have two actually, a General Icarver 415 and the Carvewright. Both good machines.

Jeff Vandenberg ...

Very well done!

Thorreain ...

Great work. It would go very nice in my kitchen, gonna show it to wifey, I may end up making one too. Great job.

a1jim ...

Very nice work,this makes me smile.

CNC Craze ...

Thank you for the nice comments! If you have a CNC and would like to do it, the project is for sale with all patterns and instructions included.
You can visit my website at

Mike40 ...


James L Wilcox ...

Nice, thanks for sharing.

Bob Ruane ...

Looks nice, But i don’t think cnc is so much of a craftmanship piece. I think by hand with wood carving knifes would be more of a show piece. Sorry

Madts ...

Wonderful work Suzanne. I totally disagree with customcabinetmaker. A CNC is a tool just the way a carving knife is. You have to use your brain to use a knife ditto for the CNC. So what is the difference. Snobbery?


Bob Ruane ...

sorry to suzanne & madts yes your majestic SUN is beautiful and takes a great amount of talent,but i’am from old school .Iwas so excited when they came out with philps head screws , I am not to up on this cnc me and my father where Draftsman and CABINETMAKERS TIMES HAVE CHANGED and for some one like me its scarry,I didn’t mean any harm .

CNC Craze ...

No harm done. Actually all the work is done with the 3d software which is the hardest part of using a CNC machine. Learning how to use and design with it is countless hours of practice.
I admire old school practices and I wish I could carve by hand but right now I’m having tons fun with my machines and can make wonderful things.

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