Simple Partition

I added a heat pump to heat/cool my shop (bottom left). The unit is at the back of my shop which is also the back of the garage. A few years ago I built a roof across the back so I could keep my firewood dry. After adding the heat pump my wife was worried that the stacked firewood might fall onto the unit and damage it. It has happened a couple of times caused by cats and storms before we installed the heat pump, so she asked me to make a partition to prevent that happening.

I wanted to make something open that would still allow the air to circulate and I came up with a simple frame with a couple of X’s in it. Luckily I had some leftover 2X4 from my BBQ shed that I ripped in half for the job. I used mortise and tenon joinets on the outside frame. The X’s are held in with long bamboo dowels and glued in the center which are half lap joints that I cut and hand chiseled. The 2X4s were rounded on the edges and so there are seams showing where the X’s meet but I was pleased that I got a good tight fit with the handwork.

Tools: mortiser mitersaw handsaw

Mike, an American living in Norway


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a1jim ...

Nice Detail Mike,your home already looks very nice outside because of your attention to details like this.

Mike40 ...

Thanks Jim. The details help keep me in the shop and out of the garden. Alas, tomorrow I have to mow the lawn and start clipping our hedges.

Thorreain ...

Great design and solution. Very well done.

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

Good idea , looks nice

Mike40 ...

Thanks everyone. Just a small simple project but fun to do anyway.

Bruce That was the word I was looking for ‘chamfering’ The edges of the 2×4s were chamfered where the X’s cross.

This morning my wife had gone out to do I knew not what. I went out to mow the lawn on the other side, but first I sat down to change my shoes and I faintly heard someone calling my name. I went around to the other side and here was my wife laying on the deck. She had crawled out to the deck from the back where she was trying to stack some sacks of firewood against the new partition when she fell and couldn’t rise again. Luckily no great harm done except for a bruise and a scrape. She is supposed to leave the heavy lifting to me, but she doesn’t always follow the rules.

kiefer ...

Simple yes but does the job and the design seems to go nicely with the rest .
Nice craftsmanship Mike


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Simple Partition