Cribbage board

Made from maple, laminated, two tier that pivots in the centre. It has solid brass pegs, a hidden compartment for cards and pegs. It’s 36″ × 9″ x about 2", finished with water base KTM9 4 coats. The pegs, holes and spacing are larger to allow people with arthritic hands to play with ease. It has the bottom covered with royal purple velvet.

Woods: maple

Tools: drill press hand drill awl router

Tags: pin stripe

CHRIS, Charlottetown PEI Canada. Anytime you can repurpose, reuse, or recycle, everyone wins!


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BJ ...

Can you tell me how you drilled the holes. They look perfect. I assume you used a drill press.
Did you use a template?
Did you mark by hand?

Thorreain ...

The lines and holes are all hand drawn, then drilled one ata time on my 8" drill press, and the edges of the holes reamed to allow for ease of inserting the pegs. This was a project to keep my hands busy as I am now permant lay disabled vet and needed a project I could do while sitting in a lazy boy chair. The lines are actually 1/8" black pin striping, applied before the finish coats of water based lacquer.

Martin Sojka ...

Nice board! Welcome to WoodwrkingWeb.

JimArnold ...

agree…Nice Board!!!

a1jim ...

Cool cribbage board.

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Cribbage board