I ran out of sanding sleeves for my spindle sander and found that the cost of replacement sleeves was rather high so I gave making sleeves from sanding belts a try and they turned out quite well and easy to make .
After trying couple of ways to make them I settled on doing it this way .
I made a pattern from poster board and then used it to cut the sandpaper belt and used fibre reinforced tape to form the sleeve by using the drum as a form .
To get the measurements for the pattern I used this approach

To calculate the angle I simply measured the diameter of the drum and multiplied it by 3.14 which gave me the length of the angle at one end then I took the strip and wond it around the drum to find the length of the pattern and marked it at the bottom of the drum this was followed by cutting the same angle as the top .
This could be done by calculating the measurement but I prefer
to use this method.
Once I have cut the sandpaper I add the tape and roll the paper with the angle cut along the top rim around the drum and all done .

Tools: spindle sander

Tags: sanding sleeve shop made diy cylinder sander sander


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Shin ...

Very ingenious!

a1jim ...

Cool idea and the know-how on how to follow through,Thumps up.

Brian ...

A penny saved is a penny earned!

Mark ...

Great tutorial! I knew I was saving those odd sized strips of sandpaper for a reason!

Thorreain ...

As always great solution Keifer. Well done.

Jeff Vandenberg ...

Very useful information. Thank you for all of the how to do.

Steve Tow ...

Thanks great idea!

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