House for a fake Bird

A few years ago I turned some birdhouses as gifts. This particular birdhouse was made a smaller scale for my wife’s sewing room with a fake bird attached. Otherwise it is exactly the same as the larger one’s I have made for real birds.

  • The main body is constructed from glued-up staves and then turned round on the lathe while the bottom is turned from a solid piece.
  • The roof is face turned from a flat board cutting out rings at an angle and then re-stacked in reverse to form a shingled look.
  • The bottom is screwed on so it can be removed for cleaning at the end of each season.
  • There is a mounting bracket on the back. The mounting bracket is just a chunk of wood mounted lengthwise on the back and it is radiused on it’s front and back to fit the curve of the birdhouse body and also the roundness of a tree or round pole. The radiused bracket prevents it from turning even though it is only held to the birdhouse body by a single screw.
  • The mounting bracket is first screwed to the tree and then the bird house is attached to the bracket with a screw through the entry hole in the front. You can see it in the photo.
  • The birdhouse is finished with two part epoxy and then a coat of poly with UV protection. The finish holds up very well outdoors (several years).

I am thinking of turning some miniature ones similar to this as Christmas tree ornaments which I can use for some small gifts to family members. My inspiration for this thought was Shin’s post of his miniature Blue Bird houses.

Woods: elm

Tools: tablesaw lathe

Tags: birdhouse

Mike, an American living in Norway


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TonyCan ...

Very cool.

Dutchy ...

Looks very nice Mike.

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

I like the way you think. Beautiful work that took some thought

Mike40 ...

Thanks guys.

Bruce As much as I would like to take credit for this design it is not mine. I got the basic concept for these bird houses from an article in an American Woodturners Association magazine in the mid-nineties. I did change details to suit myself, but the basic construction is the same as described in the article. It was written by a woman woodworker and unfortunately I can’t remember her name. Of course other turners were making very similar designs before her, but mostly with solid wood, so she might have been the first one to come up with the glued-stave idea.

a1jim ...

Very attractive bird house Mike,this is definitely the “Hilton” of bird houses. As it is with all your great projects fantastic workmanship and super attention to detail.

Mike40 ...

Thanks Jim. I’m looking forward to doing some of these in miniature. They should be easy without the need for glue-ups. I think they will look good on the Christmas tree.

Jack ...

Just beautiful Mike, that would be a hot item. Such detail, well done.

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