Feral cat shelter

There’s a new cat in the garden. We’ve looked for an owner, called the local vets, posted posters. Nobody wants him. When he first showed up he had been shaved and neutered. Probably why he ran. He doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. We already have a rescued cat that is very nervous so we won’t invite this one in but the weather here is dire.

Today I banged this together. I’ll paint it and fill the ‘house’ with hay. It needs roof felt, too, and my neighbour says he has some to give me. It should be ready by Sunday. I hope he takes to it.

Woods: crap i had leftover

Tools: tablesaw jigsaw nailgun

-- Alec (Friends call me Wolf, no idea why)


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Wolf (& Rabbit!) ...

The back of the house is hinged to allow for cleaning. The floor is insulted and I’m going to put insulation inside the house as well. Warm, dry, and a veranda for those rainy days. Rabbit tells me it’s too low, the hedgehogs will move in, so….stilts tomorrow.

jim webster ...

good job

a1jim ...

They just moved uptown,good job.

Thorreain ...

Great use of scraps. Do you feed him? He should be able to keep the rodents under control. Put some carpet on the post so he can sharpen his claws on, and once on stilts open a can of tuna to entice him to try it out.

Wolf (& Rabbit!) ...

He earns his keep. Both cats have divided the gardens into zones. Each spends countless hours staring at holes and the voles and mice hide. Yes, the Rabbit feeds him and he’s quite friendly with her. I still scare him, but I scare most cats, not sure why.

Steve Tow ...

Your a good man Wolf!

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Feral cat shelter