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Here’s a couple of the 20+ guitars I have made from scratch. The solid body is made from maple and birch laminated together and the neck is maple and rosewood. The stick looking guitar is a solid piece of Purple Heart, with birds eye maple for the frett board. It has a built in amplifier and speaker, as well a belt clip so it can be played while skateboarding. The stick as I call it sure turns heads, but only took 20 hours to build! If any one needs tips on building electric guitars just ask. As well I have drawn up a set of plans for an acoustic guitar as a future winter project, spruce and Purple Heart as I have a fair stock of well dried both. When I start I will follow along with pictures and a log.

Woods: birch maple rosewood purple heart birds eye maple

Tools: table saw router planer chisels files knives soldering iron sand paper

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CHRIS, Charlottetown PEI Canada. Anytime you can repurpose, reuse, or recycle, everyone wins!


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Brian ...

Awesome! I can see why the stick is such a head turner. When I first looked I thought it might be a Chapman stick style of stick. The built in amp just be a lot of fun.

Moment ...

Cool , I like the stick too . Have fun with the acoustic build .

Tim ...

Very cool! I have been seriously thinking of trying my hand at this. I don’t play guitar but my son-in-law does and he has quite the collection. I thought something like this would make a nice gift. It is definitely on my to-do list at some point. btw, love your shop.

Thorreain ...

Heres a great place to start, I never had this way back when….http://diyguitarkits.net

Glaros Studios ...


Thorreain ...

My design for an acoustic. I have a friend who is giving me some spruce planks for the build. The neck and various other woods I will have to order. I think the project will take me about a hundred hours. I plan to blog the build here. The hardest part will be to make jigs for the sides then heating the wood while wet over a pipe with a tiger torch as heat to start the bends. The rest is fairly common work for me.

william ...

Sweet, got a hankering to try and make a semi acoustic, will be following your lead/blog with interest.

a1jim ...

Wow really sweetm fantastic work,a really cool designs.

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Electric guitars