Pirate Cooler Chest

Editor's Choice - Aug 04, 2015

I used a Walmart cooler and an Internet pic to create this small cooler box. The top angles are 45degrees with the trim cut at 22.5 degrees. Two coats of stain and some hardware from Rona.

Woods: exterior plywood


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Brian ...

Looks good and will soon be filled with my kind of treasure, I’m sure.

Madts ...

Will Beer fit in it? If it does nice work. Otherwise Urggg.


jim webster ...

very nice well done

a1jim ...

Very creative Clarke,nice work.

clarke ...

Beer will fit! Thanks everyone!

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

good job , just in time for football

James L Wilcox ...

Awesome, very authentic looking. Excellent idea.

Thorreain ...

Looks great!

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Pirate Cooler Chest