Sheila's Keep Sake/Jewelry Box

A former co-worker, Sheila, saw one of my ribbon crosses on my Facebook page and ordered it for a friend in Canada. In doing so, she asked about the box I did for the family reunion, saying that she’d like to buy it if it was available, or have me make one.

Since the original box had a home, I fired the tools up yesterday and knocked this box out for her. Had to rush, as she’s leaving for Canada on Sunday, and I’m delivering the cross to her tomorrow. Figured I could probably get the box done in time, and I was right. (Patting myself on the back)

Still using some of the Birds’ Eye/Knotty/Pithy pine, and a little Aircraft Grade Mahogany plywood. This box I finished by spraying Satin Poly-Acrylic, which I really like. Goes down smooth and dries quickly, in our Texas 100 degree temps. :-)

Woods: pine mahogany plywood

Tools: table saw surfacer router router table hand plane sanding block orbital sander spray gun

Tags: box jewelry keep sake pine mahogany knotty birds' eye pithy

Keith "Shin" Schindler


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Steve Tow ...

Beatiful box Shin!

a1jim ...

Super box.

Mike40 ...

Great looking and nicely made box Keith.

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Sheila's Keep Sake/Jewelry Box