This box has been sitting on the shelf unfinished for about a year because I could not come up with a design for the base and top trim .
A couple of days ago while working on another project I took another look at it and suddenly this idea came about and everything just fell together .
I guess sometimes it just takes time and patience to get the design just right and I am very happy with the result .
The box is made from sawn spalted beech veneer which is laminated with hot hide glue to Baltic birch plywood and American walnut for the trim .The box bottom , lid and tray are lined with a deep brown cloth and sown on poster board backing . It is finished with BLO and several coats of satin lacquer and a couple coats of bees wax .


Woods: spalted beech american walnut

Tools: table saw band saw veneer hammer

Tags: box


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Dutchy ...

Even the handle is particularly

Shin ...

That’s splendid! Wow. Time, makes for good wine, good whiskey, and great wood working projects.

Thorreain ...

Very beautiful. Well done.

Brian ...

You have a great eye for design.

Manitario ...

Very elegant design and I love the look of the spalted beech.

shipwright ...

That spalted beech is really nice. So is the rest of it by the way. :-)
It was worth the wait, you got it right.

Michael Ray ...

turned out great. nice work.

James L Wilcox ...

Awesome creation. Very very nice.

Jeff Vandenberg ...

Sometimes it’s best to put a build on the back burner. There’s nothing worse then having a finished project that your not happy with. Just like my work bench that’s on hold. Still thinking this out and it to bad I can put it on a shelf. Lol

lanwater ...

Beautiful box !
The spalted beech adds a lot to the design.

Well done!

Sheri ...

Very nice, I like your choices of wood:)

mike1950 ...

Nice box- Love the wood combo.

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