Wine Rack with 4 glasses

Latest creation was borrowed from Woodworking for Mere Mortals. He built a rack with three bottles and four glasses, I changed it up a bit. Instead of three bottles, I have five I’m my finished piece. The original was only 18" in dia. Mine is 23-1/8". They used 3/4" stock, I used 1", both the holder and supports are 1" hardwood. I have a neighbor that asked me if I could come up with a five bottle holder. It was fun to make, learning something new is always good. This is all from pallet wood with Danish oil and satin poly. First time with Danish Oil, definitely will use it again. I have three holes in the back to hold against the wall. The original has screw holes behind the wine bottles. I didn’t want that so I cut three holes in the back 1/2" deep.

Woods: reclaimed pallet lumber

Tools: planer planer jointer table saw bandsaw palm sander biscut joiner glue screws

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Madts ...

I like it. Using used wood is an added feature.


Ben Buxton ...

I dig that man. Good job.

Thorreain ...

Very nice.

Jeff Vandenberg ...

Love it. Great job buddy

lanwater ...

Nicely done!

a1jim ...

Good project James,it looks super.

James L Wilcox ...

Thank you for your kind words.

Sheri ...

Looks awesome!

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Wine Rack with 4 glasses