Bent Wood Votive Holder

This is a creation that dates back about a year and a half and is another of my favorit votive holders and I hope to see more of these creations on this site .
Well I had some bend wood pieces that cracked near the ends and I could not see them go to waste,a look in the scrap bin and I had all the ingredients for this votive stand .
About two hours to get the design from paper to finish project.
Materials are Douglas fir and roasted maple ( heat treated maple )
Finish is wipe on poly .
The Steam bending for this was done with a micro wave and a rubber strap clamp and form .

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JimArnold ...

what a beautiful design! very creative! from scraps, no less…kudos!

lanwater ...

Nice design Kiefer.
It’s a great example of scraps.

Madts ...

Beautiful piece. Out of mistakes fine things can always be made with the proper attitude. You showed that here.

kiefer ...

Thanks guys
I appreciate your comments very much .
Nothing is scrap in my shop ,I just say that the piece is intended for another design and gives me the opertunety to create another project .

Jeff Vandenberg ...

Extremely beautiful! great job!

a1jim ...


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Bent Wood Votive Holder