Texas Meets Peru

This is a men’s valet box, can be used as a ladies jewelry box but I had the man in mind when making it, the woods used in this box are Native Texas Cedar Elm and Nogal, the base or inner part of the box is Alder, it’s a bandsaw box and miter joint box combo, I call it my Hybrid, The lid, pulls, splines, bottom of large tray and the hinges are Nogal.

It offers two lift out trays one small and one large, two large drawers, a hidden drawer and a large hidden compartment under a false bottom door, the small tray is the key to opening the false bottom door by way of magnets, if you notice in the pictures a small notch cut in the center top of the back wall, that is for a phone charging cord to lay in with the lid fully closed, the hidden compartment measures 7″ × 5 3/4″ × 2″ and can house all pocket sized pistols and most compact size pistols the wooden pistol shown below is in the exact image as my 9mm Smith & Wesson Shield.

This box measures 13″ × 9″ × 9″, finished in a single coat of tung oil, two coats of my on mix wipe on poly (satin) and a final wipe of paste wax.

Thanks for viewing.

Woods: texas cedar elm nogal

Tools: table saw bandsaw joniter miter saw drill press planer router

Tags: men's valet box mens valet box mens jewelry box men's jewelry box hidden compartments secret compartments hidden drawer

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Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

that is really sharp.Looks like a lot of work and planning went into it. Very nice

a1jim ...

Very cool design and a super build ,extra nice work Blackie

Bob ...

I see you are moving on as well.

Bob – Woodville, Tx

Blackie ...

Thanks guys

Bob, things are getting out of hand over there, you might say.

Matt_Rob ...

Very nice but did you think about making a spring loaded “emergency” drawer?

Blackie ...

Matt, if you are referring to the hidden drawer, it’s held in place by a magnet as well, you can tilt the main drawer to where the hidden drawer is hanging upside down and it stays in place, I added a pull handle for it.

lanwater ...

Interesting design.
Nicely done.

jim webster ...

nice job you done

James L Wilcox ...

Very creative and nicely done. Good job, great work.

kiefer ...

Nice project love the wood .
Good to see you over here Randy and a big welcome !


HorizontalMike ...

All I have to do is look for these very fine crafted boxes in order to find Randy, AKA Blackie! Great job as always, and welcome aboard WoodworkingWeb!

Madts ...

Great looking box. Lots of functions.


Blackie ...

Thanks everyone.

Boxguy ...

Blackie, thanks for the note. I have been unexcited about adding to Jocks since you and Cajon were removed. It seems like I lost some dear friends. I don’t know if I really want to re-invest in another site. Is there a way to contact you or send you a message on this site?


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