Little Red Fire Truck

This bandsaw box fire truck has been a great seller for me over the past few years, it’s popular among retired firefighters and the younger to be firefighters it’s great for a dresser top as a valet box or just display and putting things in, it offers an open tray on top the bed of the truck and several different sized drawers, the cab drawer has a hidden drawer in it, by turning it around it reveals the hidden drawer, it measures 12″ × 4″ × 7″, normally I finish all of my projects in a satin finish but a gloss wipe on poly just seems to fit this truck the best, a single coat of tung oil, four coats of gloss wipe on poly and a final coat of paste wax.

I had made one of these trucks a couple months back and donated it to my local fire department for reasons they are important to our lives, you never think about these things until you actually experience a trauma and have to call and rely upon them.

A couple months back I had a slight illness and had to be taken to the hospital by way of ambulance, once I made the call the fire department were first on scene, the trip turned out to be a severe migraine headache in which I’d never had one before, my vision was first to go then paleness, throwing up and the massive pain in my head, never having one I didn’t know what was going on especially now into my later 50s.

Enjoy and thanks for viewing.

Woods: red cedar nogal maple

Tools: table saw bandsaw sander miter saw

Tags: bandsaw box firetruck fire truck hidden drawer

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jim webster ...

that’s great nice how much you charge for one

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

Blackie – Very nice , how do you hollow out the drawers ? I had an operation for a deviated septum . They gave me morphine , turns out morphine gives me a migraine . The more I hurt the more they gave me . The night nurse figured out what was going on and switched meds. Never had one before and I never want another one.

Blackie ...

Thanks Jim and Wheaties.

Jim, I sent you a PM

Wheaties, the Morphine actually worked on reducing my pain, they did a cat and MRI on me to make sure my noggin was OK.

Once the block of wood has been cut out for the drawer, I slice off 1/4" – 5/16" from both ends of the block, draw my line on the wood and cut the plug of wood out, once all is sanded I than glue the two slices back on creating the drawer.

James L Wilcox ...

Very nice and creative. Like the idea of the hidden drawer. Sorry for your migraine. Unfortunately, I know of these in that my wife gets them occasionally. She is down for the count for at least a day. They are horrible.

a1jim ...

Super band saw work

Tom Tieffenbacher/aka DocSavage45 ...


Hope your back and “noggin” are ok. Do you have migranes now? The fire truck can work for big folk and small ones. Interesting to look back from where you are now.

Blackie ...

Hey Tom have not had another I hope it was just a fluke.


lanwater ...

Nice design.
We do take them for granted but they do a lot more than firefighting.

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Little Red Fire Truck