Steam Bent Trays

A steam bending project in walnut and a set of chopsticks made from Corian and walnut ,the cookies are made by my wife and are super delicius but only get made at Christmas .
I made four of these again steam bent using the micro wave and the same form as the votive holder .
All where given as Christmas presents .

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Michal Bulla ...

I love this, great job!

Brian ...

Stream bending in the microwave? I have to research that. Beautiful trays, by the way. The chopsticks are the perfect compliment!

JimArnold ...

Wow! Beautiful pieces. I’ve used the microwave to dry wood…got to try bending in it now. my significant other was not happy with me after my first attempts at drying, gonna have to try ‘bending’ when she’s not around. Great idea and perfect execution.!

lanwater ...

Beautiful creation Kiefer.

Can you elaborate on this particular bend. How did you get the concave shape?
Did you combine multiple bends?

Madts ...

Very elegant Kiefer. I also like the chopsticks. All in all a nice combination.

a1jim ...

Outstanding trays kiefer,beautiful design and super build.

a1jim ...

Way cool design ,nice work.

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Steam Bent Trays