Barnwood cabinet

Editor's Choice - Sep 02, 2015

My wife found two old windows and said they would look nice as doors in a cabinet. I got to work on her cabinet and then put it aside for a while. After about a year and a half she “reminded” me how good it was going to look “if”/when it was finished. It s close to 6 feet long and almost that tall. Takes all the strength of two men to lift the top and then again for the bottom cabinet.

Woods: barn wood spruce

Tools: mitre saw drill air nailer air compressor

Tags: barn wood reclaimed wood cabinet hutch bookshelf



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Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

beautiful piece , like the glass in the center . lots of space

Wood-Chuck (Bruce) ...

Awesome piece, great job. You build at the same speed I do -:)

jim webster ...

you really done well

Kevin ...

Great job

James L Wilcox ...

Very nice cabinet shelf unit. Nothing like repurposing old wood. Good job.

a1jim ...

It’s definitely the trend to have the barn wood rustic look

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Barnwood cabinet