Barn wood.

I found a really good deal on a load of almost a 1000 board feet of nice barn wood. 3 inch x 9 inch x 12 feet and 10 × 12 inch x 12 feet. Open for suggestions!!! I plan on entry, coffee and dining tables. What other ideas does everyone have?

Greg Holden


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a1jim ...

With all of the craze on barn wood products you could use it for just about anything,tables are a great idea. Good find Greg.

jim webster ...

benches chairs are good

Steve Tow ...

Yes, Jim is right! The barn wood craze is alive and well, so much so that people are faking old wood!
My suggestion is to take a few pics of the projects early on in your builds to verify that to potential customers if you are going to sell any ……
Just a thought
Congrats really a great find!!!

Manitario ...

Buck the trend and make a barn…

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Barn wood.