Outdoor Wine Caddy

Saw this in many different versions and woods. Having many cut-offs and scraps around the shop (like most of us do) … I thought I’d try and put them to good use. This is what I came up with.

After posting it on my FB page I was inundated with requests. Who knew it would be this popular? LoL!!!!

Woods: ash walnut white oak purple heart

Tools: cabinet saw bandsaw router table sanders

Tags: wine caddy


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a1jim ...

Cool design.

Michal Bulla ...

very nice, great job!

Sheri ...

Great job, love the mixes of wood idea:)

James L Wilcox ...

Excellent job. And you are right, some of the strangest things are the most popular. Go figure.

Thorreain ...

I made a dozen so far, people see them in use at the campground and just have to have then.

AnthonyG ...

Question … Why the screw at the base of the bottle holder?

Thorreain ...

The screw on mine locks the table top in the closed position when storing it.

Jeff Vandenberg ...

What did you use for the pivot? Any pictures of the underside?

AnthonyG ...

@ Jeff Vandenberg ….. 5/8" dowel and bees wax. Works Great!

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Outdoor Wine Caddy