Texas Mesquite And Texas Cedar Elm

I just finished this box, I sort of took my time on making this box, it is made out of Mesquite and Texas Cedar Elm, both the woods are from my local area, the mesquite I cut down from my property and had it milled, the Cedar Elm is native to Texas and northern Louisiana only. I optioned for a live edge lid, the hinges and corner splines are cedar elm. It measures 11″ × 8″ × 7 1/2", finished with a single coat of tung oil, three coats of mine own mixture of wipe on Polly and a final wipe of paste wax.

One thing that I had just tried for the first time on this box was Kifer’s flat sander method using 100 grit large sanding disc wrapped around 3/4" MDF and it worked great.

Woods: mesquite cedar elm

Tools: tablesaw bandsaw miter saw router drill press

Tags: mesquite wooden hinges men's jewelry box mens valet box cedar elm

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Blackie ...

Correction on the Tung Oil, auto correct got me.

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

Nice job , like the hinges , beautiful wood

jim webster ...

good hinges like the box good job

a1jim ...

Nice work,cool box.

James L Wilcox ...

Excellent creativity and finished beautifully.

Blackie ...

Oh in case some of you are wondering what the notch in the back center wall is for, it’s so you can charge your phone while the lid is closed, the cord just lays down in the notch.

The corner splines blended more than I thought they would leaving no contrast, I was hoping the tung oil would of brought them out.

Thanks for the comments.

Tom Tieffenbacher/aka DocSavage45 ...


I like the fact you’re expanding your techniques. Nice piece!

Shin ...


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Texas Mesquite And Texas Cedar Elm