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My son got an unexpected gift las summer as he is starting Secondary School. An uncle gave him a Laptop he wasn’t using for some time and after making it work again he gave it to my teen boy, He has been using it ever since for his school and entertainment but I noticed he uses something to support it and elvel it higher with anything he finds around and it has been quite risky as it may fall or damage. So I decided to build a simple yet practical Laptop stand for him

2x 12mm Plywood about 250×60 mm
3x 1/2 in Pine Rod about 300mm long

I did not use any template or so, just googled a few images and measured the dimensions of the Laptop to get an approximate size. I joined the pieces with wood glue (I usually use Elmer’s standard Wood Glue) and let it dry overnight using a strap clamp. The result is very satisfying. Now I think I’m going to make one for my office PC keyboard. It is very comfortable once you try it.

Thanks for watching and for your valuable comments

Woods: pine plyw

Tools: jigsaw strap clamp

Tags: laptop stand support

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Michal Bulla ...

Good idea, well done!

a1jim ...

Very nice design and very useful too.

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Laptop Stand/Support