Tower k-cup holder that rolls

This is an example of what I have created using reclaimed pallet wood. This tower stands just over 16", is just over 6" in diameter, and as you can see, is in a hexagon shape. The tower holds 42 clips with seven clips per side. The rollers on the bottom allow the user to roll it out from a back corner on the counter, no dragging. I sand everything to 320, inside and out. I stain and poly the inside before assembly taping the joints. The outside has two coats of poly satin over the stain. I wet sand between coats. Each hole is 1-1/2". I have sold 15 of these in the two years, lots of fun to build.

Woods: pallet wood oak maple cherry poplar ash

Tools: shopsmith mark v forstner bit sander



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lanwater ...

That’s a cool idea.
Well done!

jim webster ...

good job

Darrin McArthur ...

Thats cool James. I think I’ll make one for my niece.
Do you angle the holes? To keep the cups from falling out.

a1jim ...

cool design nice work.

Legorreto ...

Very cool design. Lovely idea for a gift

James L Wilcox ...

Darrin, the holes are cut at 1-3/8" and the friction alone holds the cups in place. I use 3/8" stock for the slats which gives the cups plenty of meat to hold them. Thanks for looking.

Thanks everyone for your kind words. :-)

James L Wilcox ...

Darrin, I told you wrong. The holes are 1-1/2" not 1-3/8". My apologies, got thinking of something else, old age setting in.

Madts ...

I am glade that everybody knows what a clip is!. I have no idea. 42 clips is a respectable number what ever it is.


James L Wilcox ...

Madts, sorry, a clip is supposed to be a cup, a k-cup. Proof reading would greatly be beneficial to me.

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Tower k-cup holder that rolls