Fund Raiser for Gymnastics

Helping my daughter with several craft projects for a fund raiser for my granddaughter’s gymnastics competition.
She did most of the work.
I did the design which allowed the use of a Texas license plate for the roof & created a pattern.
She did most of the cut out, sanding, assembly & finish.

Woods: pallet wood

Tools: miter saw scroll saw pin nailer table saw



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lanwater ...

That’s very neat.
I love the purpose.

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

Tell your Daughter I said nice job. It’s always fun to do a project with your kids or grand kids . Memories that will last a life time .

jim webster ...

nice job with love ones

a1jim ...

Cool and fun,she did a great job.

Jay ...

Thanks to all for your kind comments.
My daughter is very crafty & very handy in the shop. She had her own work bench in the shop growing up.
My granddaughter was in on it too, nailing, drilling & putting in screws .
It was like old times when my daughter was younger.
I will pass along your comments to her .

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Fund Raiser for Gymnastics