Transitions: Equinoxes

Editor's Choice - Nov 09, 2015

I am so excited to finally share some photos of the beautiful piece that Spider Johnson and I have been working on since June for the Texas Furniture Makers Show this weekend. I can’t begin to express my gratitude to him for taking me on as an apprentice, and now as a colleague, and for his infinite patience, wisdom and masterful talent. I am a sponge, and he is glad to fill me with the opportunity to learn and create.

Here now is a description. I hope you enjoy…

This organic piece emerges roughly from the ground and flows from sculpture into a refined furniture piece, exemplifying the seasons of birth and decay, through the magic of wood rendered in its many styles: sculpture, joinery, cabinetry and marquetry. Surprises await the curious observer.

There are two transitions expressed in this piece: From the raw wood at the bottom, up through the sculpted base to the refined cabinet with meticulous wood marquetry. The second transition is revealed as the cabinet is opened, which moves the viewer from Autumn into Spring.

Pedestal: *Sculpted & Stained Laminated Poplar; *Case: Camphor Burl Veneer; Interior Marquetry: Dyed & Composite veneer; Underside: Makore Veneer; Face Frame: Stained Walnut; Floral Fabric Interior; Bluethorn Live Edge Knob. Tambour: Dyed and Natural Wood Veneer Marquetry; *Free Leaf: *Laurel Burl; *Signature Plaque: *Satinwood, Imbuya Burl and Dyed Wood Veneer Marquetry

Amor Vincit Omnia


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lanwater ...

It’s a beautiful piece of art Cindy.
The time and the effort both of you spent is showing in all the detail.

Great work.

lightweightladylefty ...


Your work is amazing. Fall just melts into Spring!

Have you seen Paul’s (Shipwright) Cabinetree? He had a somewhat similar idea. It’s true that great (creative) minds run in the same channel!


Justsimplywood ...

Well done Cindy.

jim webster ...

very nice good job

Brian ...

Beautiful and very impressive.

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

I really like the concept , and the wood work and Marquetry is fantastic . Very nice piece .

shipwright ...

I love it Cindy. It’s much more refined than mine was. It was the child of lots of experiments. :-) I always thought I might go back and do it better ……. but now I don’t have to!
This is a seriously nice piece, thanks for posting it.

a1jim ...

Beautiful Piece Cindy,wonderful design and build. Congrats

Dutchy ...

I am so excited to finally share some photos

I’m excited to see such amazing great craftsmanship. WELL DONE

CindyG ...

Thank you so much, everyone! I am still floating after the weekend! :-D

CindyG ...

BTW, the description was written for the show- for the public not familiar with woodworking techniques, so it’s a bit more ‘flowery’ than I would normally write here!

Wade ...

Wow is about all I can say! That is awesome!

Tom Tieffenbacher/aka DocSavage45 ...


I saw this piece and stopped. It’s a WOW piece with lots of subtle things to explore. Congratulations on this step of your journey.

CindyG ...

Thank you all for your continuing support! You all inspire me SO much!

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Transitions: Equinoxes